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Valentin Dikul
#1 Posted : Wednesday, May 4, 2011 5:01:06 PM(UTC)

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Valentin Dikul

Valentin Dikul was born in Latvia after the Second World War. His father was killed, his mother died when he was in a kindergarten. Traveling part of the circus was his only real joy in life. He very early realized that he has to work at a circus. Valentin quickly learned juggling and acrobatics, but eventually became a "trapeze artist". He was 15 years old when he performed the first number.
Once the steel bars that were securing the equipment broke. Valentine fell down from nearly 40 feet. He got over 10 fractures, including fracture of the spinal cord, which paralyzed his legs.

The diagnosis of the doctors was: "compression fracture in the lumbar spine and brain injury. Valentin should hold the rest of his life in a wheelchair."

At the hospital he began working with a rigid energy. Doctors and patients were begging him to stop wasting his time and efforts. But he did not give up. Valentin started experimenting with weight lifting to complete exhaustion. No one believed that he should have positive results.

Several years have passed after the accident but he kept working very hard for five - six hours every day. Having to keep using a wheelchair he was teaching at the circus circle in Latvia. He had to overcome a terrible pain every time crawling around the room to replace the weights. All these terrible efforts went out to get back on the feet. Every day, he was experimenting on himself.

Day after day Valentin developed a unique system. But for Valentin Dikul, walking was not the only desire. He had to return to the arena. And he realized his dream. The very first number after the injury was "an acrobatic motorcyclist."

When doctors learned that he had not gone, but even returned back to the circus, they did not believe. But other "Wheelchair victims" believed. And they began coming to Valentin for advice. Every day, Valentine Dikul was working for three - four hours with his patients. He was working between performances, late at night after work, sometimes in hotels during the tour for months across Russia, believing in his ability to help people.

Dikul teaches his system for 20 years. His system is known to be unique. Valentine knows that it is possible to make the muscles remember the movement and teach, to train the damaged muscles. Valentin always says: "I can tell you how to do exercises, but without your own desire my words will not bring you any success. Even if my equipment was made of gold, you'd never walk again if you did not have confidence. You should work with the same dedication, discipline and power every day for many years if necessary. Only then will you say "I did it, I can walk!"

Valentin Dikul 460kg deadlift (1999)

The comments are in Russian

Valentin Dikul 260kg benchpress

Valentin Dikul holds a car

More info at:

Dikul, Valentin Ivanovich

Automatically translated from Russian to English by Google

Early years

Born in Kaunas, premature, weighing little more than a kilogram. His father was shot and killed the bandits, and his mother died when Valentin still went to kindergarten. With seven years of living in orphanages: first, in Vilnius, then - in Kaunas. In nine years, carried away by the circus, and helped put the circus tent, riding clean, look after animals, cleaning, washing.
At fourteen years of moonlighting as repairing motorcycles. Gymnastics, wrestling, weight lifting, equilibre, acrobatics, juggling, inventing stunts and tricks. Enrolled in a circus club in Kaunas club.

In 1962, Valentine was the fifteenth year, when he began to execute its first issue of air gymnastics at the Sports Palace at a height of 13 meters. Suddenly burst steel beam, which carries the insurance. Valentin Dikul fell. A week in intensive care urban hospital, and then in the hospital neurosurgery department. The diagnosis of the doctors: "compression fracture in the lumbar spine and brain injury, many local fractures. His legs were not moving, and Valentin had to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.


Dikul began to train. Lift objects, stretched rubber band, push-ups. He worked for 5-6 hours a day, but his legs did not act. Suffering back pain and fatigue, he served as strength training and studied the medical literature on the spine, gathering the necessary information. Doctors begged him to stop wasting time and effort, explaining that success possible. But he did not calm down, continuing to do to complete exhaustion. Days, weeks, months have passed - he continued to work for five - six hours a day. Began to lift weights - at first small, then all the more increased the weight, developed all the back muscles, which were capable. Further, he had the idea that the move is necessary and inactive parts of the body, as if they were healthy - a complete cycle. Tied to the feet of the rope and passing under the headboard, which played the role of the block, pulling for them - moving the feet. Then he began to be used as a counterweight to the goods. Friends have helped to establish over the bed system of blocks according to the scheme drawn Dikul. Eight months later he was discharged from hospital with a disability the first group. He was sixteen when he went to a wheelchair at the Palace of Culture. Dikul was appointed head of the amateur circus circle, explained the tricks to young children. With incredible force of will, day after day he worked. Every day until exhaustion moved around the room on crutches as a hand-held stilts, the voltage cramp arms, back and neck.
Five years have passed. Dikul went with his circus circle in the city of Nida on summer vacations. Suddenly he had a fever, aching joints, scary, Valentin lost consciousness. When he came to himself - could not move his hands and talking. But after a week felt the work the biceps and quadriceps, and the natural closure of the knee with a step into a single work of muscles. When a needle prick, he began to feel pain, suggesting that the spinal cord began to recover. Two weeks later he could walk with two sticks.

Therapeutic methods

But the most important achievement Dikul - this is his contribution to medicine, his own methods of rehabilitation. Series of articles in the press caused an avalanche of letters Dikul - with pleas for help. He tried to answer everyone. And expelled he developed a set of measures for medical rehabilitation. In the process an incredible amount of correspondence he helped his wife Lyudmila.

I can tell you how to do exercises, but without your desire My words will not bring success. Even if my equipment would be made of gold, you'll never walk if you have no confidence. You should work with the same dedication, discipline and strength every day for many years, if necessary. Only then can you say: "I did it, I can walk!"

Many people confined to a wheelchair, saw it as their hope. Daily Valentin singled out for three to four hours to consult people with disabilities. He cut out his spare time between performances, taking people late at night after work. During a tour of his stream of visitors walked everywhere, wherever you come Dikul - he knew the whole Soviet Union.

He's on his own experience showed that for spinal cord injury patients may gradually partially or completely restore the ability to move.

In 1988 he opened "the Russian Center for rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries and the effects of cerebral palsy - Centre Dikul. In subsequent years, in Moscow alone has opened another 3 Center VI Dikul. Then, under the supervision of Valentin Ivanovich, a number of rehabilitation clinics throughout Russia, Israel, Germany, Poland, America, etc.

In 1989-1991 - elected deputy of the USSR and a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
Until now advises patients to their centers, encouraged by his example hundreds of thousands of people in employment in the halls of rehabilitation after a serious injury.
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DSh on 5/4/2011(UTC)
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, May 4, 2011 7:02:05 PM(UTC)

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Thanks for this article! Very interesting man! There are not so many people able to lift and hold a car, but after all his problems... Applause
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